How in the world did you get lost here? Anyway, welcome, I guess.

My name's Lou Drangi. I'm a writer. I also take photos.

I'm mostly just making this site for myself, but since you're here you might as well take a look around!

I'm still trying things out, that's why it looks the way it looks.

You can go here to have a look at some pictures I took. They're nice.

If you're feeling like it, you can go here to read "EGO", a screenplay I'm writing.

Logline : In a crumbling city where people live forever through life-like androids, the last human must find a way to escape when a killer is sent after them.

It's an early draft that needs a big rewrite, so don't expect too much (I really know how to sell myself). If you come back in a year maybe it'll be great. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And here is "Killer Catchprases", a 4-page screenplay I wrote in 48 hours for the WriterDuet Screenplay Throwdown on the theme Tough Love.

Here is a (mostly unfinished) short game I made a long time ago for a game jam. I was young. We all make mistakes.

You can also go here for a Q&A about my website, which will certainly be a rewarding read.